Classic Southwestern Style: Spanish Tile Roofs and Repair

The Classic Maintenance-free, Fire Retardant Roofing

One of the most ancient of roofing materials, tile has been used by many civilizations throughout history.  With a variety of tile styles to choose from, tile complements everything from traditional to modern architecture. With the temperature extremes we experience in Houston, tile roofing is a durable, handsome choice that will provide decades of beauty for your home.

Tile Roofing Done Right by a Houston Roofing Company with Experience

Let us share what our experience has taught us:
Tile roofs add a distinctive look to both homes and businesses, yet for years we dissuaded people from even considering them. Today, done the RoofCrafters way, they are one of our favorites!  But why our change of heart? Because underlayments have vastly improved and many tile manufacturers are now creating roofing systems instead of just tiles.  With the right ventilation, many of the tile roof options can even earn the Energy Star Partner stamp of approval.  Many of the tile roofing products RoofCrafters carry also offer support bars that separate the roof tile from the deck, to diminish the transference of heat and increase thermal insulation. Also available is an interlocking roof system to prevent lifting.

Tile roofs have a long life cycle (50-100 years or more), but before we began doing our own tile roofing, we were frequently being called in to fix leaks in those done by others—or even to tear them off to do whole roof replacements.  A heartbreak for those who had believed they were investing in a lifetime roof!  What we discovered through this, however, is that the most frequent problem is that too many builders and contractors take price cutting shortcuts with the roofs’ weather-proofing underlayments. New underlayments are now available, and some are actually able to seal around nails and roofing fasteners and ensure the long-term waterproofing support tile roofs need. These offer an affordable way for owners to get the look that only tile provides, while also allowing us to confidently install and warranty them.

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