For shingle roofing in West Houston or Katy, RoofCrafters gets the job right and on time.

Quality Roofing Replacement by Expert Houston Roofers

Photo: quality shingle roofing in Houston, Texas

From how a roof looks to how well it will stand up over time, determining which roof works best for you is difficult…that’s why we are committed to giving you a range of options, and talking through the trade-offs so you can make the best decision for you. Unfortunately shingle roofing usually draws less-skilled roofing companies and workers to it. The good news though, is shingle manufacturers are setting rigid standards for the installation of their products to protect their integrity and reputations. GAF is leading the way in this regard and RoofCrafters is a top certified contractor, category-page-roofing-shingle-badgesGAF MasterElite, for the largest shingle manufacturer in the country. Only 3% of roofing companies qualify for this and as a result we are able to offer extended warranties (i.e. wind, No Dollar Limits, labor and/or workmanship warranties). Learn more about the many options in GAF shingles with their interactive Roofing Wizard.

In addition to the quality of the roofing and installation, ventilation also plays a key role in the life of your new roof and must be done to shingle manufacturer specifications so as not to void the manufacturer’s warranty. Our Project Planners are experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen; let them help you make all the right decisions.