Custom-made Matching Accessories for Standing Seam Metal Roofing

RoofCrafters’ On-site Manufacturing Means Quality Top-to-Bottom.

Custom metal roofing by RoofCrafters, Inc.

Unlike many of our competitors, RoofCrafters custom makes most of the accessories for your metal roof out of the same 24 gauge steel as your roof — things like your locking “d” edges (metal edge), ridges, valleys, and other miscellaneous flashings that particular applications require. Because accessories and how they’re made play an important role in the quality of your roofing job, we spend a lot of time in our metal shop fabricating your flashings and accessories before even coming onto your job site! Remember that we don’t just do Katy metal roofing: we serve all of West Houston as a top metal roofing contractor. Ask your Project Planner more about what sets RoofCrafters’ roofing accessories and flashings apart from the rest.

Metal Roofing Chimney Caps and Gutters

Want to finish your premium roofing job in a way that really sets your home or business apart? Add a custom chimney cap and/or custom made gutters that are made from the same materials as your roof.  These are built to last!