Meet a Growing, Dynamic Team of Professionals

The RoofCrafters founders, now established as a quality roofing company in Houston TXOver thirty years ago RoofCrafters was little more than two men with a ladder strapped on top of a car. Today it is a well-equipped and diversified company with a team of professionals who are ready to meet your commercial and residential roofing, roof repair, and exterior siding needs. Our dynamic team even includes two third-generation RoofCrafters members. Imagine the knowledge and experience they have to offer!

RoofCrafters is a Learning Organization

Educating our customers and helping them make choices that will serve them well in the long term is a core part of our service. We take pride in being a learning organization and frequently host learning lunches to keep our Project Planners on the cutting edge with new products and services. Our favorite undertaking is seeking out and making environmentally friendly products available…the technology and materials are changing rapidly, and the new higher standards will give our customers savings from energy efficiency, year after year.

The RoofCrafters team of skilled craftsmen and women

Your Trusted Project Partners

Our goal is to become full project partners with you. We want to really get what you want to make happen, as well as understand your job from a technical perspective. We know you want to understand your costs, and what the tradeoffs are with different solutions, so we’re prepared with cost options up front. Of course, aesthetics and optimum functionality are important to both home and business owners. Our ideal customers are those who care about the details of their project, those who want a job done right.

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